CB  Chakravarthi

There is a story in every heartbeat, …

... and that is the substance of every human enterprise.


Businesses essentially are just solution providers for humanity. Regardless of the complexity of a system, it will inevitably have people at both ends.

And, we people, are addicted to stories because that is the only way our brains can make sense of the limitless.


The story is timeless... It is the future, the past, and the present.This is also how we see the past and the future.


For designing the future, for architects, designers, and businessmen, this is our only viable tool.


Every action is a story, …

the architectural building, or a game or video, or that picture … everything is a story which tells our story of life. Today our ability to tell that story through spatial, haptic, architecture, imagery, and words needs an artistic wisdom and technical vocabulary.


Enjoy my website as a  disjointed showcase of sorts.


I am an architect by qualification and has been a traditional animator. I have been enthusiastically pursuing a career where I can imagine things up including architecture, game, VR, UX, and filmmaking



Contact me

Cibi Chakravarthi

1323 Takeaway Pl,

Morrisville, NC 27560

Tel: +1 (706) 386-7928

India: +91 98951 37757

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@2018 by Cibi Chakravrthi

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